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Lieutenant James Alexander Vazeille Boddy

British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920 about J A V Boddy

Name: J A V Boddy
James Alexander Vazeille Boddy

Regiment or Corps:

18th Durham Light Infantry, Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force

James Alexander Vazeille Boddy was born in Sunderland, Co. Durham, in 1895 to Mary Pollack and Alexander Alfred Boddy.

His sister Mary V Boddy was born 1893 and his second sister Jane V Boddy was born 1894

In the 1901 and 1911 Census the family are recorded as living in All Saints Vicarage, Sunderland

James became a Second Lieutenant of The Durham Light Infantry on the 24th September 1914

He became a Lieutenant of the 18th Regiment of the Durham Light Infantry on the 16th March 1915

He transfered to the Royal Flying Corps on the 18th February 1917

Wounded In Action March of 1917

Wounded In Action on the 25th November 1917

He died in Leicester in 1954.

On or about November 25, two L.V.G. enemy aircraft attacked one of our F.E.O2b, a long-distance, photography aeroplane, which had separated from the remainder of its flight. They forced it to land behind H├ębuterne. We found later that Lieutenant J. A. V. Boddy was the observer in it, and that he had been knocked unconscious by a bit of his own machine which had been splintered off by the fire of the German aeroplanes.

From page 65 & 66 of DLI In The Field.

The Writer (A.A.B.) travelled up from
Sunderland on Whit-Monday (June 12th).
The weather was cold for June and even
wet; but as the Convention went on it
steadily improved, and was. really beautiful
at the end.

On the Great Northern Railway I met
two of the men of my son’s Battalion
(18th Durham Light Infantry). They were
delighted to meet Lieut. Boddy's father.
They were on their way back to France,
and bore some messages to him at the

God bless them !

July 1916 edition of CONFIDENCE

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