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George Edwin Ellison

Matthew 20:16

George Edwin Ellison

Birth Place:


Death Date:
11 Nov 1918

Death Location:
France & Flanders

Enlistment Location:


Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the Line (incl. Yeomanry and Imperial Camel Corps)

Corps of Lancers. 5th Lancers (Royal Irish)


Type of Casualty:
Killed in Action

Grave Reference:
I. B. 23.


George Edwin Ellison fought in the first battle of the First World War that included British troops, four years earlier in the 1st battle of Mons in 1914.

After fighting or four years he was killed at 9.30 on the morning of 11th of November.

Fighting continued on the last day of the war up until 11 o'clock.

General Wright, of the 89th American Division, saw his men exhausted and knowing the nearby town of Stenay had bathing facilities he decided to take the town, so the men could wash.

There were over 300 American casualties in the town of Stenay, on the last day of the war as a consequence of the General's recklessness.

Frenchman Augustin Trebuchon, on his way to the River Meuse with information for troops on the availability of food was killed at 10.45 am.

Just before 11am, in an area near Mons, Canadian Private George Lawrence Price was involved in street fighting, on leaving a cottage from a back door he was shot and killed.

In the Argonne region. America soldier Henry Gunther was part of a final charge, against astonished German troops, he was killed at 10. 59 and is recognised as being the last soldier killed in the First World War.


by Geordie Gardiner

It is a coincidence that the first British soldier killed in the First World War and the last British soldier killed in the First World War were killed in Mons.

Strange though it may seem, it is just a coincidence. Stranger things have happen, I am sure.

People are strange, when you're a stranger and nothing can be stranger than what people claim to see and with often reported celestial activity, people are bound to look to the clouds to see what they can see.

Both John Parr and George Edwin Ellison where buried in the same cemetery and as the years passed by the talk was of the sky and not of the spot where you stand to view, and wish you were a tree.

Then one day there was yet another "visitor."

Likely a sceptic, if you ask me.

And without a glance to the heavens he saw.

And was amazed, with awe and wonder that in over 90 years since the noise of man-made thunder

The lighting, was of such purity, that he could not help but see

The futility

The insanity

Of never knowing

How such can be

It being a coincidence

A complete coincidence

That there in rest

Is the headstone of one

Facing the other one

And it

Was all for me


Me, me,

The me

Me, me society

Who don't give a hoot

If you're dammed of blessed.

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