Sunday, 7 February 2016

Ralph Shirley

Ralph Shirley in his publication, The Angel Warriors at Mons. (See the following page of the blog) states:

Miss Phyllis Campbell, relates how a soldier of the Irish Guards, an enormous man who stood over six feet five inches, told her, narrating his own experiences, that "St. George was in golden armour, bareheaded, and riding a white horse." He cried "Come on!" as he brandished his sword.

Why, we may ask, was St. George in golden armour?

Doubtless because the Irish guardsman had seen him most recently on the back of a sovereign.

I doubt.

More likely he knew some really big Geordies, seeing as he probably never had more than a penny to scratch his backside with.

1st Northhumerland Fusiliers placing street barricades in Mons

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