Friday, 5 February 2016

John Charteris 1877–1946

Assistant Military Secretary to General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Aldershot, 1912-1914;

Maj, 1914; ADC to General Officer Commanding 1 Army Corps, BEF, 1914;

General Staff Officer Grade 2, 1 Army Corps HQ, 1914-1916;

Brig Gen (Head of Intelligence Service), BEF General HQ, 1916-1918;

Deputy Director of Transportation, General HQ, France, 1918;

Retired from the army 1922

Unionist MP for Dumfriesshire from 29 October 1924 till 30 May 1929

A letter from John Charteris, date 5 September 1914, states "the story of the Angels of Mons is going strong through the 2nd Corps".

The letter could be the earliest record of the Angel of Mons and pre-dates Arthur Machen's short story, The Bowmen.

The letter was made public in 1931 in a book.

David Clarke, among others, suggest that Charteris used the Angels of Mons for propaganda purposes and the letter is not considered as authentic.

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